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Favorite Books 2020

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Slow Flowers Journal named in Flower Magazine's list of noteworthy lifestyle books

The Slow Flowers Journal (Wildflower Media, 2020) made Flower Magazine's December editor's round-up of favorite books of the year on the topics of gardens, flowers, interior design, entertaining, and more. The books sits in proud company along with Slow Flowers friend Sue McCleary's The Art of Wearable Flowers (Chronicle Books, 2020), Odessa Begay's The Language of Flowers (Harper Collins, 2020), Frances Palmer's Life in the Studio (Artisan, 2020), and other noteworthy titles. They wrote: "Our longtime readers will remember Debra Prinzing as a former Flower magazine columnist. Today, she uses her talents to advocate for the local, sustainable flower industry through her Slow Flowers website, podcast, and column."

Slow Flowers Journal also received a nod, along with Daniel J. Hinkley's Windcliff: A Story of People, Plants, and Gardens (Timber Press, 2020), from Seattle Times' garden writer Lorene Edwards in her end of 2020 wrap-up. From Edwards: "Debra is one of the country’s leading champions of floral artisans and industry professionals committed to working with local, seasonal and sustainably sourced flowers."


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