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The Journey from Blog to Book

Robin Avni and Debra Prinzing of BLOOM Imprint will join the fabulous speaker lineup at "Sustainability and Regeneration," the Fleurvana Virtual Summit ( March 5-7, 2021).

The creative collaborators will present a new, original course, The Journey From Blog to Book Proposal, tailored for floral audiences.

"Without exception, every creative person we've met dreams of sharing their art, craftsmanship and aesthetic in a book," Debra points out. "As a tangible 'artifact,' there is amazing social validation that comes with having a book about your work. A book can narrate your story, teach your concepts and document your work."

Learn more about turning your blog into a vision for your book. "We believe successful books are driven by a Passion that answers the following: What are you compelled to share? What do you have to offer that will make the world a better place? What is your unique point of view?," Robin adds.

Fleurvana is dedicated to bringing the floral community easy to obtain floral design, business, marketing & creative industry education. They began their mission during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic in 2020 to help their fellow florists & designers stay connected. Fleurvana continues to shine a virtual beacon of hope forward into 2021 and continues to regenerate, rebuild and inspire.


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