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Flower farmer Beth Syphers is rooted in the garden and her sister Sarah Kuenzi is a baker and chef. In their blog Furrow & Flour they, along with several of their siblings, post about their common passion for blooms, baking, and all things cozy and creative. Now, in the pages of their beautifully illustrated book, Furrow & Flour, the women have collected stories about the small joys they discover in a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

Furrow & Flour invites you on a journey through the garden, home, and family life. As young girls, the sisters grew up a family of twelve siblings. Their childhood was filled with imagination, whimsy, play and chores. As adults, Sarah and Beth are now mothers, wives, and creative entrepreneurs. They embrace their childhood influences from the garden, a country life, good food shared with loved ones, kitchen table gatherings, a "welcome all" lifestyle, homemaking, entertaining, haven-making and motherhood.

In this book they have gathered a collection of helpful tips for the home and garden, ideas for entertaining, favorite recipes and seasonal menus, and encouragement for anyone seeking a life filled with simple, honest pleasures.

furrow & flour

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