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For designer Cynthia Zamaria, the art of reviving old gardens and renovating elderly homes is both lifestyle and vocation. In her new book, House + Flower, Zamaria immerses the reader in her creative process, sharing how she infuses gardens, flowers and elements of nature into home design and interior decor. A serial home renovator with her husband Graham Loughton, Zamaria's inspires others to design their residential environments as expressions of individual style and aesthetic.

Through visually engaging photography and Zamaria's accessible narrative, House + Flower follows the restoration of interior settings and exterior spaces at Leuty House, the seventh Toronto area residence Zamaria and Loughton have restored over the years. From painting and planting to repairing and polishing, the couple collects and coaxes new life into the living environment with an unique approach to renovation. In the book's pages, Zamaria reflects on lessons learned during countless DIY projects, including all aspects of a home and garden transformation. In the course of this old-to-new practice, Zamaria has fine-tuned her successful approach to share with readers.

House + Flower: Reviving Forgotten Homes and Abandoned Gardens

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