We actively scout for floral lifestyle personalities, creatives, entrepreneurs, artisans, and makers whose stories deserve telling.

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BLOOM helps creative entrepreneurs bring a book idea from concept to reality, honing in on a core editorial purpose, visual expression, and personal approach to convey their authentic voice and brand mission. 

Located in the Pacific Northwest, our boutique publishing company works with creatives from the beginning of a great concept to the final printed publication. This involves leveraging our publishing experience and professional relationships to provide editorial guidance, including outlining and planning, project management, content editing, copy editing, creative direction, art direction, photo editing and book design. We also collaborate with authors to develop a sponsorship strategy and help identify strategic partners for marketing.

"When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else."



From our initial conversation to production to publication and beyond, we are motivated to support our authors as collaborative partners. We believe in having a shared goal to create a successful book. Our non-traditional approach to lifestyle publishing gives authors a percentage of revenue — above the mainstream publication model. Rather than advances or royalties, BLOOM uses a revenue-share income model that recognizes our authors as partners.



We champion and support the Slow Flowers philosophy, inspiring the floral industry and its consumers to embrace local, seasonal, and sustainable flowers. This includes working with domestic U.S. or Canadian printers to publish our titles. In addition, we seek to publish titles that are inclusive and representative.


Our author-driven distribution model gives you more flexibility and freedom than conventional publishing offers. We leverage the use of a variety of platforms, including social media, conferences, speaking engagements, and select distribution channels.


Led by Editorial Director Debra Prinzing, the goal of our storytelling process is to develop the best book concept possible to represent you, your brand, and your mission. We provide initial guidance and input to shape your book's outline, which then serves as a cohesive template as you write, revise and edit your manuscript.

Each BLOOM Imprint book is a visually exciting work incorporating imagery, typography, and color. Led by our Creative Director Robin Avni, the design process is integrated from day one, as we work with you and our select group of graphic artists to set the "design vocabulary" for your book. Ultimately, we want your book to have a distinctive visual look and feel.