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Aligning Creativity with Sustainability

Written for floral professionals and floral enthusiasts, this book elevates the "eco" conversation by disrupting established assumptions about what is beauty and sharing earth-friendly alternatives to otherwise tried and true industry mechanics. Tobey invites readers to adopt her "better than" philosophy, based on floral design done with care and intention, while offering encouraging steps toward preserving the splendor and health of the planet. Sustainable Floral Design features an extensive gallery of ideas and inspiration for floral pieces that range from small and wearable to grand event installations.


Tobey Nelson is a plant nerd, avid gardener, floral designer and botanical artist.
She has a BS in Landscape Horticulture from Michigan State University and is a Certified Professional Horticulturist. She owns of Tobey Nelson Events + Design, a studio business that provides flowers for weddings & events, botanical art, and garden design. Tobey is dedicated to organic gardening, sustainable floristry, and to helping make the floral industry more eco-friendly. She is a generous instructor who loves to share her knowledge.  Tobey is the founder of the Whidbey Flower Workshop, an annual retreat for florists to learn sustainable floristry. Tobey has studied floral design with Tomas deBruyne, Gregor Lersch, Hitomi Gilliam, Joseph Massie, Francoise Weeks, Susan Mcleary and many others along the way.

"Floristry is a dirty business. In the pursuit of helping our customers connect with the beauty of flowers and the natural world, we are trashing the planet. There is another way to do this floristry thing. I have hope! If each of us makes small changes, it will add up to big impacts. Will you join me to clean up the floral industry?!"

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