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House + Flower

Reviving Forgotten Homes and Gardens

Cynthia Zamaria immerses the reader in her creative process sharing how she infuses gardens, flowers and other elements of nature into sensitive home design. Through engaging photography and a welcoming narrative, this book inspires us to celebrate living environments as expressions of our personal style while also embracing a home’s unique soul. With a passion for character-filled spaces, carefree floral displays, and an appreciation for vintage and artisanal objects, Cynthia’s approach is timely, yet timeless. Readers are invited to see the potential in their own homes through the reimagined interiors and exteriors of the many Toronto-area residences she and her husband, Graham, have restored over the years.



Cynthia is a home and garden creative who believes that every home is a beautiful work in progress, she invites you into her homes and willingly shares her inspiration and creativity through her writing, presentations, and published works.

Recently recognized as a County Home Magazine Style Maker, Cynthia’s work is regularly featured in leading international lifestyle media, including Domino, Apartment Therapy, Country Living, Homes & Gardens, House & House, and Style at Home.

An advocate of the Slow Flower Movement, Cynthia sustainably grows small-batch specialty blooms and designs unfussy seasonal arrangements. This soulful aesthetic spills into Cynthia's interiors which are true-to-the-space, trendless mash-ups of scale, texture, and color.

Cynthia and her husband Graham share a passion for saving forgotten houses and have restored a range of period properties. A former public relations executive, Cynthia now devotes her time to family and creative projects from her home base in Toronto. 

"There’s something wildly romantic about reimagining weathered homes and gardens in need of love. The promise of renewal is seductive. Whether your space is old or new, done or undone, city or country, I invite you to embrace the beauty surrounding you."

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