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Furrow & Flour

Inspirations From the Garden and for the Home

The sisters invite you on a journey through their garden, home, and family life. As young girls, they grew up in a family of twelve siblings and a childhood filled with imagination, whimsy, play, and chores. Now, they are mothers, wives, and creative entrepreneurs. They embrace their childhood influences from the garden, a country life, good food shared with friends and family at kitchen table gatherings, homemaking, entertaining, haven-making, and motherhood.


Sarah (left) is the second oldest of twelve children known for dodging babysitting duties to pull weeds, tag along behind her father as he tilled rows of vegetables in the family garden, and harvest lettuce greens, sun-warmed tomatoes and crisp snap peas for the table. She is married to a grass seed farmer and proud mother to two teenage sons. She is happiest in the kitchen braising a fabulous cut of meat, concocting a zesty salad, and sipping a glass of wine, opening her arms and setting the table for whomever happens to be included in the circle of her home for a meal.

Beth (right) is the third oldest in the family lineup, the quiet one tucked behind her mother's skirt peering out in caution. Her childhood imaginations have accompanied her to an adulthood filled with equal wonderment. Beth and her husband Jason have two children and they live at Crowley House Flower Farm outside McMinnville, Oregon. Their home and garden gates are always open, as they share their country lifestyle with neighbors, customers, and frequent guests. Beth knows how special it is to earn one's living from her own land, and she cherishes the sensory pleasures of the garden. Moment of joy are found in nature, seasonal changes, a breathtaking dawn or dazzling sunset on the farm, surrounded by flora, fauna, and gifts from the garden.

"There are so many lives we wish to live. Sometimes it’s easy to be bogged down with all the perceived missteps that have lead us down dusty dirt roads rather than scaling a corporate ladder. Ah, but if we are honest with ourselves, we’re not that girl. We are content talking to the hens while throwing scratch, finding an unreasonable amount of joy in creating a smorgasbord of nibbles and actually enjoy (okay, most days) swiping at dust and straightening pictures." 

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