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A Life in Flowers

Lessons + Affirmations from the Garden

Wedding and event florist and founder of the Chapel Designers floral community, Holly is a creative visionary and a highly recognized and sought-after floral designer whose work has been published in countless prestigious publications and top industry blogs. Learn about Holly's floral journey, the inspiring story of Hope Flower Farm, and the values of hospitality, creativity, and community that embody her life in flowers. 


A dedicated mother of 7, wife and entrepreneur, Holly is a longtime resident of Loudoun County Virginia. With over 25 years of successful business experience behind her, Holly now serves as a teacher, speaker and mentor for other professionals in the wedding industry. Holly currently sits on a trend report board with industry leaders, owns and operates Hope Flower Farm, and has launched her own product line with Syndicate Sales.


Her innovations and creativity are inspiring the world of floristry. Holly’s signature characteristics are quality, clarity of vision and an impeccable eye for design. Based on her incredible and unique sense of style, the term “Hollyish” emerged in 2011 as a way of describing designs that possess the elegance, beauty, and creativity of those designs that leave Holly’s studio.

"There was never a grand business plan to build this flower-centric life, but the affirmations I've received on this journey have guided my choices. Each experience feels connected by a strong thread of love, family and friendship." 

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