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furrow & flour

Family stories, life lessons, and inspiration
from the garden and for the home

by Beth Syphers and Sarah Kuenzi
with photography by Emma May Dixon

Flower farmer Beth Syphers is rooted in the garden and her sister Sarah Kuenzi is a baker and chef. In the pages of their beautifully illustrated book, Furrow & Flour, the women have collected stories about the small joys they discover in a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.


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Growing Wonder

A Flower Farmer's Guide to Roses

by Felicia Alvarez

Do you dream of possessing a magical rose garden or a thriving flower farm? Whether you long to fill your own acreage with roses or consider yourself more of a weekend gardener, Menagerie Farm & Flower's Felicia Alvarez can help make your love affair with roses a joyous and rewarding experience. With her engaging and encouraging advice, Alvarez assures readers that they can grow beautiful roses successfully. Whatever your level of passion, with her twenty years of farming experience Felicia will guide you with sound advice and detailed horticultural knowledge.