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furrow & flour

Family stories, life lessons, and inspiration
from the garden and for the home

by Beth Syphers and Sarah Kuenzi
with photography by Emma May Dixon

Flower farmer Beth Syphers is rooted in the garden and her sister Sarah Kuenzi is a baker and chef. In their blog Furrow & Flour they, along with several of their siblings, post about their common passion for blooms, baking, and all things cozy and creative. Now, in the pages of their beautifully illustrated book, Furrow & Flour, the women have collected stories about the small joys they discover in a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.


01586_Bloom_Furrow+Flour_Cover-01 (1).jpg

"There are so many lives my sisters and I have wished to live, so many adventures just out of reach, so many words left unspoken. Sometimes it is easy to be bogged down with all the perceived missteps that have led us down dusty dirt roads rather than traipsing through France or scaling a corporate ladder. Yet if we are honest with ourselves, we’re not those girls."

"There’s something wildly romantic about reimagining weathered homes and gardens in need of love. The promise of renewal is seductive. Whether your space is old or new, done or undone, city or country, I invite you to embrace the beauty surrounding you."


House + Flower

Reviving forgotten homes and gardens

by Cynthia Zamaria

In House + Flower, Cynthia Zamaria immerses the reader

in her creative process sharing how she infuses gardens, flowers and other elements of nature into sensitive home design. Through engaging photography and a welcoming narrative, this book inspires
us to celebrate living environments as expressions of our personal style while also embracing a home’s unique soul. With a passion for character-filled spaces, carefree floral displays, and an appreciation for vintage and artisanal objects, Cynthia’s approach is timely, yet timeless. 


"Roses are my love language. I believe you can raise beautiful, field-grown flowers with an artful attention to detail. Enjoy growing the kind of flowers you remember from your grandmother’s garden, roses admired for fragrance, elegance, and character."