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"Let no one think that real gardening is a bucolic and meditative occupation.

It is an insatiable passion, like everything else to which we give our hearts."


Want to share an idea or discuss a collaboration?


At BLOOM, we appreciate all of the time and effort it takes to develop a book proposal. While we promise to review all submitted proposals, we encourage you first to follow the inquiry process outlined below. This allows us to provide feedback about our level of interest in receiving your fully-developed proposal.


BLOOM is interested in new, engaging, and creative themes. We actively scout for floral lifestyle personalities, creatives, entrepreneurs, artisans, and makers with beautiful stories to tell. 


  • What do we need?  A digital submission describing the proposed project and one or two paragraphs as to why you believe your topic would be interesting to BLOOM Imprint readers. Also, please include a few images that illustrate your idea or concept. Please send as a PDF attachment via email to:

  • When will you hear from us? All submissions are reviewed within four weeks — and if our schedule is tight, we promise to notify you. Promise.

  • Other Considerations. We place a priority on submissions from active members of Slow Flowers Society. Read more about the benefits of membership here.

If you are invited to submit a more developed book proposal, we will require the following:

  • A single page cover letter describing your book subject and why you think BLOOM Imprint should publish it, along with a list of what you're submitting and your contact information.

  • Your personal and professional bio.

  • If your proposal is a simultaneous submission to another publishing house, please let us know.

  • Include an outline or Table of Contents, your book introduction, a sample chapter, and samples of the following: photographs, step-by-step instructions or other projects to be highlighted.

  • When submitting artwork, either as a part of a project or as samples for review, please do not send original art, as it will not be returned. We prefer digital files or PDFs. 

  • Include a brief market analysis of the potential audience. Who is the reader? What markets and reader interests does the book speak to?

  • Please include your include your marketing channels such as social media and speaking engagements. If available, please include your social media metrics.

  • Send to:

  • Upon review, we will contact you directly to set up a meeting to discuss your proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for informational purposes only. Submission DOES NOT automatically create any contractual agreement. Submission of any material is done at the author/creative's initiative.



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